Photo By Stephanie Fanning, 2010

Photo By Stephanie Fanning, 2010

“More 'spoken word' in approach than traditional standup, Duncan's extended monologues and journal entries were nevertheless gut busting.” 

 -JT Habersaat - AMP Magazine

“He dissects rock culture with infectious energy...”  

-The Boston Globe

“Listen to Duncan Wilder the wild man as he lays it on the line for you. ”

- Angelo Moore, Fishbone


Duncan Wilder Johnson is the perpetrator of stand-up monologues and hilarious rants about Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, and pop culture since the summer of 1995.  Opening for such luminaries as Jim Carroll, Marky Ramone, and Jello Biafra, Duncan turns the stage into his own self-deprecating world of awkward situations, fan-boy appreciation, and hi-octane verbiage. 


Duncan released four collections of live spoken word recordings including On Tour Without A Band (1998 with Rich Mackin, Clay Fernald, and Antony Flacket), Heavy Metal Spoken Word (2000, Wonderdrug Records), The Orange CD (with Destruct-a-thon, 2001, Wonderdrug Records), and Duncan Wilder Johnson Has A Short Guy Complex: Spoken Word #4 (2006, Thrashachusetts).


As a writer, Duncan released the following chapbook/zines: How I Fell In Love With Punk Rock  (2009, Cabildo Press), Raise My Hands To The Fiery Sky (1999, Red Backpack Prod.), Gig (1998, Red Backpack Prod.), Reach Out And Kill Someone (1997, Red Backpack Prod.), and Sleeping In Beds Of Broken Glass (1996, Red Backpack Prod.).

Duncan continues to perform around the US and promises to to be full-on for many years to come.