Destruct-a-thon in Brooklyn, NY 2008  Photo By Duncan

Destruct-a-thon in Brooklyn, NY 2008

Photo By Duncan

Beginning in a mildew soaked basement in Allston, MA in the summer of 2000, Destruct-a-thon released 3 collections of music: The Orange CD (with Duncan's spoken word, 2001 Wonderdrug Records), Es Muerto (2006, Thrashachusetts), and Aloha Jihad (EP, 2008, Thrashachusetts).  

Destruct-a-thon played a combination of Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal, and Stoner rock.  They performed primarily in the Boston area, but also around New England, New York City, and as far south as Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. 

In 2009, after the release of  Aloha Jihad   and a successful tour of the East Coast US, Destruct-a-thon participated in the WBCN Rumble, making it to the semi-finals as a wildcard.

Known for their intense live show, Destruct-a-thon closed up shop on 10/24/09 at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, MA to a sold out crowd with many past members of the band playing throughout the set.  Duncan spent most of his time crowd surfing and missing the ceiling fans by mere inches. 

Thanks for the ride.  It was a fun one. 



Duncan Wilder Johnson – Vocals (2000-2004, 2006-2009), Guitar (2000-2004)


Michele Morgan – Guitar / Vocals (2000-2004, 2006-2009)


Sean Linehan – Bass (2000-2003, 2006-2009)


Eric “Jüngblood” O’Brien – Drums (2002-2003, 2006-2009)


Ed Bredenberg – Bass (2003-2004), Guitar (2006, 2009)


Eman Pacheco – Drums (2003-2004)


Nate Linehan – Drums (2000-2002)